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Jack J. Lanners
RE/MAX Achieve Realty
Naples, Florida
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Working for You as the Buyer or Seller to achieve maximum results! Our focus is to provide the best possible service, to You, The Customer. We believe that when you take the word ”Service” out of Customer Service, we would have NO Customers!

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of servicing you!

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Jack J. Lanners



Jack has been in Marketing for over 35 years and the transition to Real Estate was a natural fit to apply skills learned, coupled with his instinctive yet natural ability to Sell! As a Seller, your expectations are to have your Investment SOLD in the least amount of time for the most amount of return. For Residential improved properties our listing contracts are for 90 days and you can fire us anytime if you feel we are not performing. I' am confident that will not happen otherwise I would not make that kind of a strong commitment to you. We work for you!

Another performance dimension is the ability to negotiate, another one of Jack's key strength's. My Procurement of millions of dollars of goods on a weekly basis for over 15 years, focused on buying the best for the least is certainly a trait Buyers want their representative to have when making an Investment in the Real Estate market. If I represent you as an Exclusive Buyers Agent rest assured that I will be performing in your best interest and not the Seller's.

Customer Service is why I will expect you to come back to me or recommend me to your friends and family. I challenge myself to exceed your expectations in every facet of serving you, not only up to the closing table but beyond the experience to ensure your Investment is managed. We have considerable resources for any Service needs, Product such as furnishing or improvement needs, all the contacts you need for utilities, schools, emergency services and we can even check in on your property periodically if you live away from Paradise for anytime. And we do this and more without cost to you! It's just another way that we can say thank you and how much we appreciate your business. Take the Customer out of Customer Service and we're out of business!